Genética porcina

We are genetists

39 years leading genetics improvement

The result of our work are the best terminal and maternal line pigs. Gepork offers boars, GP, GGP and gilts in optimum service conditions and on the basis of knowledge and transparency. We have over 35 years of experience in pig genetics development. Since the very first day, we are passionate about our job and committed to research and innovation culture.

Farms and insemination centres

The artificial insemination centre of Gepork has two semen production centres with their own laboratory and also one main laboratory in the headquarters of Gepork.

It has multiple production farms located around the catalan territory.

Laboratori genètic central
Main laboratory

Laboratory provided with the last and more innovative technologies to prepare the best quality doses.

Insemination centre: Can Virosta

Capacity for 140 animals. Placed in the region of Ripollès (Girona)

el grevol
Insemination centre: CIA El Grèvol

Capacity for 120 animals. Placed in the region of La Selva (Girona)

La Lluçanesa farm

Capacity for 1300 animals. Placed in the region of Osona (Barcelona)

Mas Fàbregas farm

Capacity for 560 animals. Placed in the region of Osona (Barcelona)

La cabana negra - Gepork
La Cabana Negra farm

Capacity for 420 animals. Placed in the region of Solsonès (Lleida)

Código Swift (obligatorio)