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Comprehensive veterinary distribution

Apart from our activity in genetics and artificial insemination, Gepork has extended its activity by offering all kinds of porcine products with the aim of offering an integral service to our clients.

Moreover, considering the increasing importance of biosafety, Gepork created Bionet, an own brand to offer a number of services related to hygiene and disinfection and plague control to our clients.

Throughout the years, the bovine line has widened to the point that Gepork has created Devac, our own brand to become specialists in this growing sector.


The good relationship with the pharmaceutical laboratories allowed Gepork to stock more than 6.000 references in medicines in their warehouses.

Distribució medicaments - Gepork

Gepork has a 24-hour delivery service of a wide range of products from the main pharmaceutical labs in the world. The delivery process is carried out in a technological environment that guarantees a high level of efficiency and meets the highest quality standards in the processes, assuring traceability and cold chain maintenance of the products that require it.

These labs are Gepork’s partners:


Gepork selects de best equipment devices from the domestic and international suppliers.

Distribució material equipament - Gepork

Gepork applies the sector’s main innovations in equipment to its production farms. The fact that we try these materials out in our own farms, together with the fact that we have equipment product managers, allows us to find the best solution for all our clients.

You can check the best equipment selection on our online shop.


Pig products


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Bovine products




Gepork offers its own dry feed for piglets under the brand Purebreed and also distributes specific dry feed of other brands.

Distribució alimentació - Gepork

Since we are comprehensive distributors, Gepork also offers a wide range of food products designed to ensure a proper nutrition in the farm.

Among them, Gepork offers its own lacto-initiators brand, Purebred, also tested in our farms in order to guarantee the best results. These food companies are Gepork’s partners:

Hygiene and disinfection

Among the products offered by Gepork you can find hygiene and disinfection products in order to provide the optimal biosecurity conditions to the customers farms.

Distribució material higiene i desinfecció - Gepork

Regarding the hygiene and disinfection products, Gepork offers a series of products produced and tested by Bionet and also other products by other prominent brands in this sector. This way, the client can choose the product that best suits their needs and therefore guarantee optimum conditions in their facilities.

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