Gepork business project has it own singularity within the animal care sector. This uniqueness makes it stand out in the field of genetic selection and artificial insemination. Due to our strong bet for innovation, we have become a pioneering company in the sector —especially for our customer service.

Gepork’s business view is based on our commitment to serve professionals in the stockbreeding business.

We have always considered our reference framework and communicative language as our main tool to work side by side with the cattle-raiser, vet, manager in livestock farms and the expert geneticists in all kinds of trading companies.

Offering extra value to our clients is our main objective. Their fidelity is the engine that moves us forward, obtaining higher levels of customer satisfaction ever year. Our clients appreciate the efficiency of our 24-hour service and the quality of our range of products, both related to genetics (living animals and seminal doses) and to other products for livestock farms.


“To be a company with international vocation, leader in integral veterinary solutions in the national scope, reference for our clients in traceability, innovation and knowledge, to create sustainable economic and social value”


We are vets. We have become into a standard in pig genetics. Our mission as a leading company on distribution is to supply our customers with the best products and the most valuable solutions. We base on our culture of constant innovation and social responsibiility, searching the highest business profitability.


Determination to provide service to our clients, based on a personalized and meticulous attention. Our aim is to reach our clients’ desired satisfaction level and value increase.

Team awareness. We encourage a feeling of belonging among all our staff by ensuring good internal communication and by promoting everyone’s individual competencies.

Positive attitude towards change, with the required perseverance and entrepreneur spirit to fulfil our organization’s aims. Ability to face competitiveness challenges with hope and enthusiasm.

Creativity and innovation as a source of developing quality culture, in an environment in which strategic planning, flexibility and profitability are the main coordinates to carry out our model of business excellence.

Integrity, coherence and ethic behaviour, specially towards people, environment and society, according to our own corporative responsibility strategy and the principles set by the United Nations Global Compact.

Continuous learning, experience evaluation and knowledge management.

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