Grup Gepork

Comprehensive services

Grup Gepork operates in the veterinarian distribution market since 1979. On its foundation, its main activity was the swine artificial insemination. In fact, it introduced this new method in Spain.

Its vocation is the orientation to the service for the costumers. That is why it centered its activity in two different business areas: Gepork (1979), operating on livestock sector of production animals; and Centauro (1992), based on the distribution of zoosanitarian products for veterinary clinics.

The third level of diversification took place with the creation of La Companyia (2004), which is ventered in the distribution of products and accessories for pet shops.

With the intention of offering a larger range of products, a new business area was launched: Bionet (2005), which is based in th three different areas related to biosecurity: the pest control; the special refuse collection; and the environmental quality analytics.

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